Ch Ch Ch Chia!

Chia seeds!!!! They are so amazing! I know I’ve said this before about chia seeds, but seriously though. THEY. ARE. FANTASTIC. Up until now, I was only adding them to my fresh juices and smoothies. Now I have been adding them to my yogurt along with a banana and granola. YUM!!! They add a little extra crunch to my yogurt, which I love!

Chia seeds are a great way to incorporate more Omega-3, fiber, protein, and good, healthy fat in your diet. They have amazing energy benefits. Sometimes I put a spoonful of chia seeds in a glass of water with a quirt of lime and drink it. Once placed in liquid, they begin to transform into a gelatinous substance. It’s a great way to incorporate a quick energy boost. It’s also way more healthy than chugging a red bull or 5 hour energy. You don’t get the 2:30 feeling where you want to crawl in bed and sleep. It’s amazing how different you will feel after just one glass!


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